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Attack of the Killer Shrews' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Attack of the Killer Shrews

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de-evolution [20 May 2003|11:39pm]
new journal:


join me, won't you?


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I hate rock n roll [15 May 2003|04:14pm]
Why is it that some people get massive amounts of LJ comments, while others, such as myself, are left with few or none? I can write a perfectly informative entry about The Mummies, and recieve a lowly two comments, while a girl can take a shitty webcam picture of herself, post a sentence next to it, and get 49. I'm lucky if i get one comment, period, and i usually have to comment on THAT comment, myself, just to beef things up. I'm not necassarily upset about my own lack of posts, more just amazed at such huge turn outs of opinion over such lame, totally meaningless journal updates. Fuck all of you cheap bastards, im never going to tell you when the Donnas are going to be on TV again. EVER! Take that shit! Fucks!
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Killer Pussy were right...... [13 May 2003|02:35am]
we ARE just teenage enema nurses in bondage...........
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my time is your time. [07 May 2003|12:27am]
I'm about to take a bath.
This day has been dull and dismal to say the least.
I'll gladly go to sleep and give it up.
Seems like days run into days
nights run into nights
i can't tell if i'm in fucking yesterday or tommorrow

the other day at work i sat next to a guy i hadn't seen for five years
for five hours
and nothing had happened.

A little voice in the back of my head said........


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I got 96 tears and 96 eyes... [03 May 2003|03:37am]
Tonite, The Cramps. What can you say about one of the greatest live rock n' roll bands that ever exsisted? Amazing as always. Plus i got to hang out with mah baby. Fun times.
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Worked up So Sexual [01 May 2003|04:10am]
Tonite was The Faint. Great fucking show. Every scene kid i work with showed up for the show, very odd. Flock of Seagulls haircuts are nice.
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File Under: What the fuck? [14 Apr 2003|11:20pm]
So i see on TV this morning that the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is now featured in a car commericial. It's the intro to "Bellbottoms". Pretty weird.
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Gonna sleep all night in your......... [02 Apr 2003|07:49pm]
I was watching an old episode of Miami Vice today, and it had X's cover of "Soul Kitchen" as background music in one of the scenes. Juicy.

New band to look out for : The Little Killers, a three piece rock band from NYC. First new band signed to Crypt in over five years! Hyped to death by Warren in true Crypt fashion....sounds pretty cool, typical straight up rocknroll/Devil Dogs kinda thing, nothing too mind blowing but nice to see Crypt is back in business.
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and the obscure power pop song of the day is..... [25 Mar 2003|06:41pm]
"Shake it Up (Ain't it Time?)" by The Cryers. Like, fer' sure.
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[12 Mar 2003|12:17am]
Sweet little girl(/boy)

Which Ramones Song Are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla
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[03 Mar 2003|05:38pm]
This journal entry is only eight words long.
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Waiting for Ilana....... [23 Feb 2003|12:54am]
You know that very last scene at the end of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? The part where the girl jumps onto the back of the pick up truck, and she is so happy to have escaped Leatherface that she starts crying? That's basically how i feel when i get off work. Someone, please, kill me.
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so yeah....... [12 Feb 2003|03:38pm]
There is a James Chance box set out now. In'eresting. Which reminds me i wish i still owned my copy of "Buy" by The Contortions. Great fucking record.
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.pretty.lush. [24 Jan 2003|05:59pm]
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Is there no shame? [15 Jan 2003|04:42pm]
Wow, first off, I find out that Pete Townshend of the Who, one of my favorite guitar players of all time, is accused of having child porn on his computer. Just like Gary Glitter. And now i find out that......THE MUMMIES HAVE A WEBSITE! That's right....the fucking MUMMIES, for christ's sake! What is this fucking millenium coming to? I'm not going to give you the link, tho, because im a fucking asshole. Take care.
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Da Doo Ron Ron ROn [12 Jan 2003|12:14am]
oh also they are going to be on Saturday Nite Live on Sat. I write this not to inform you, but to remind myself to watch it.
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Palto Alto High presents........... [11 Jan 2003|01:52am]
Oh yeah btw The Donnas are playing LIVE on TRL Monday afternoon (!!!???).
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Anti-Trust Lawsuit party at my place! [11 Jan 2003|12:08am]

It's about fucking time. Tho to be totally honest by 1995 most of the "pre-recorded" music i bought was on indie garage rock labels, or was from a used record store. But I want my piece of the action, none the less.
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true story [08 Jan 2003|04:28am]
So im dicking my life away in my booth at my shitty telemarketing job today (as per God's master plan that this is what i should be condemned to do every day of my life from age 18 to infintity), when my "next door neighbor" for the day (we are assigned different seating paterns every day we come into work), who happens to be this nameless face in the crowd that i notice wears black Dickies dress pants, black Converse All Stars, and a one color cotton t-shirt (i.e. the same lame wardrobe as your humble narrator) to work everyday, sits down in the next seat over. I assume, split second, that finally having to sit next to this kid for an entire shift will amount to a great deal of bullshiting about whatever musical tastes we have in common, and will most likely involve me faking like i am interested in getting to know the guy for way longer than i am ready to handle. I roll my eyes, but reside to it. Upon his getting all his stuff onto his
desk, taking off his jacket, and looking in my direction, i am surprised and somewhat dismayed to see that, rather than smiling at me, saying something along the lines of "whats up, bro?", and reaching over to shake my hand, or at least nodding his head at me, he gives me the most
insane, pissed off, angry look, as if to say "goddamn it, there isn't enough room here for the both of us!", plops down angrily in his chair, and doesn't look in my direction for the rest of the night.......like i had somehow stolen this dipshits lone punk rock loser spotlight from our work environment, he was hurt, and well, i outta be ashamed of myself, dammit!
My initial reaction to this situation was utter happiness that i would not be listening to this kid spew off whatever lame ideas he had all nite. I put on my headphones and went to work, happy that i had totally avoided an uncomfortable and potentially very annoying social situation. I could keep to myself and continue daydreaming about sex and obscure punk 45's for the rest of the night. Then it dawned on me.......just where did this kid get off giving ME a dirty look? Wasn't I the one who hated HIM before we even spoke? Was it not i who rolled my eyes the second i noticed him walk into the room? Say.....just how long has he been dressing like that, anyways? How old is he? Has he even worked here as long as i have?

Upset, and in need of taking a dump, i ask my supervisor for a "health break" (polite work term for "taking a shit"). When i am excused to the bathroom i realize i walked into my worst pet peeve in the entire world.... taking an off break trip to the bathroom, thinking you will have the entire john to yourself...and realizing there is another dickwad in the other stall with the same idea. I'm sorry, but at 23, i am still not quite comfortable with the idea of shitting next to another man in a silent bathroom. Maybe that works for you, but it just never caught on with me. So i sit down, and the game of cat and mouse begins. You know how it is. Two males, assholes clenched tight, wait to see who will go first. Its not pretty, and i am rarely the kind of soldier to drop that first bomb. After what seems like an eternity of silence, this middle aged twat( i notice his loafers underneath the stall) finally gives me an earfull of his bowel movement. I suddendly am incredibly frustrated. I REFUSE TO SHIT NEXT TO OTHER MEN! IT is simply NOT FOR ME! This dickwad needs to shit quick, and leave, because i need to shit in total silence, the way god intended men to shit, in caves, fields, and deserts. TAKE YOUR FUCKING SHIT NOW! BECAUSE I DON'T have much time to take mine! I finally give up, pull up my pants, and leave the stall.

Looking in the mirror i reflect again on the kid sitting next to me, and assure myself that i am probably cooler than he is. I somehow convince myself that, although we have on identical outfits, i dress better than he does. I turn on the water and begin to wash my hands. Although i had not gone to the bathroom, and did nothing to dirty myself in any way, i feel its necassary to keep up an outward presentation of good hygene for the man in the stall behind me, even tho he cannot see me, and totally ruined my shit.

I go back to my seat and have a "nice day".
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[25 Dec 2002|10:01pm]
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